Its a snow day!!

As farmers we hope and wait for moisture during the winter.  We of course hope that we do not get it in the form of rain when it is close to freezing.  Thankfully the rain we did get was before the temperature dropped.  So now we have about 6 inches so far of really wet snow.  The advantage of really wet snow is that when the winds pick up it is less likely to blow around.   

Today I think back to when we had snow days when I was a child.  I remember being so happy to not get on that bus in the morning.  We would turn on the tv or the radio and listen for them to announce no school and then it seems like we jumped up and down for about ten minutes.  The principal of our school lived across the street and would say if I can see the school we are having school.  Us rural kids sometimes got luckier then those who lived in town.  But our snow days seemed few and far between.  When the lottery did strike I remember bundling up and heading out to sled down the ditch hill and make snow forts!   We lived in an old house with one main heat register on the main floor.  We would grab out blankets when we got back in and curl up next to that heat vent.  Those were the days!! :)

In honor of this snow day and every snow day forward I have created a wonderful new blend!!   It is no surprise that it is called Snow Day!  This amazing blend will warm your heart, relax you, enlighten you and even open your sinuses!  So as you can see you will not only love this on snow days you will love it every day of the year (even beach days)!  With a special blend of cypress, lavender, peppermint and bergamot you will delight in its aroma.  

Our new blends going forward will now all have stainless steel roller balls and come in two sizes 5ml and 10ml.  At only $7.50 and $14 you cannot go wrong with this amazing blend.

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